Incoming Class of 2023 Featured Work

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

On the Same Page gives new students (and everyone else) at Berkeley something in common to talk about: a work that has changed the way we view the world. In 2023, that work is the documentary film Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution. Following a group of disabled teenagers from Camp Jened in New York to Berkeley, California in the 1970s, this exuberant documentary chronicles a turning point in the disability rights movement and the fight for accessibility.

Our student reviewers described the documentary as “incredible,” “moving,” “full of fun, joy, and love,” and something that “everyone should see.” One student reviewer appreciated the documentary’s portrayal of “disabled-centered happiness and accomplishments, one of the many ways it changed my perspective.” Crip Camp reminds us of the power of community and activism to change the world.

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