On The Same Page

On the Same Page gives new students (and everyone else!) at Cal something to talk about. This year, we’re all on the same page reading Exit West, by Mohsin Hamid.

This program began in 2007, in the College of Letters & Science, and expanded in 2012 to include all new students and faculty members at Cal.

Faculty members will receive an email containing a link to a free download of the book in early March. New students should keep an eye out for a message, containing a link to their free copies, shortly after the deadline to submit statements of intent to register (SIRs). Each group will have thirty days to download their copies.

Please be sure to read the book over the summer. This way you will be ready for all the programmatic events and activities in the fall semester. On the Same Page presents many kinds of opportunities for new students to interact with faculty and continuing students around the year’s theme. This year’s activities will kick off with a keynote lecture by Mohsin Hamid, scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 20, 2020 in the Haas Pavilion. Then throughout the fall you will find multiple ways to engage with the theme, including several panel presentations and other events sponsored by On the Same Page and our partner organizations on campus.

You will also find that our theme has permeated the curriculum: you will see that some of the Freshman Seminars for fall 20120 are related to our book and the issues it raises, and some of your regular classes may also feature ideas or topics that relate to the book. We are also offering a one-unit, pass-no pass course called L&S 10: you can read the book over the summer and start fulfilling some of the course requirements now, leaving yourself more time for your other courses later in the fall.

We want you to encounter themes and ideas from this work, chosen especially for the entering class of 2020, wherever you go on campus this fall. We will know we have succeeded when students and faculty who have only recently met find themselves buzzing about Exit West, this thought-provoking and timely work that will repay close attention, critique and discussion.