Special instructions for international students

In order to redeem your link for a free copy of Exit West, you will need an Amazon account with a U.S. billing address.

1. If you already have an Amazon.com account with a US billing address, please go to step 4.   Make sure that you are using your primary Amazon account.  Content cannot be switched between accounts. 

2. If you do not already have an Amazon.com account with a US billing address, you’ll need to start by first creating an account by visiting this link.  Note that you do not have to enter a credit card number in order to create an account. However, you do need to have a US “billing address.”

       a. If you already know the address where you will live when you arrive in the US you can enter that address.

       b. If you do not know your California address yet, please enter this address: 2495 Bancroft Way, Room 235, Berkeley, CA 94720. When you know your real address, you can go into your account information screen and replace this address with your actual address.

3. The other option is to switch your country of record on your existing Amazon.com account in order to receive your content and then switch back. *directions below

4. Once you have created an Amazon.com account or changed your country of record, open the email you received from UC Berkeley’s On the Same Page program and click the redemption link. 


 *Country of Record change instructions

It is recommended that you create a US Amazon account since you will be residing in the US, but you can change your existing account to a US address following these steps:

  • Sign into your Amazon Account
  • Go to your Accounts and List dropdown
  • Select Content and Devices
  • Click on the Settings Tab
  • Click on Country Settings
  • Change
  • Update your address to a US Based address