Hamilton Karaoke Night

Come out and sing your favorite songs from Hamilton with us!

Anyone with a Cal i.d. is welcome, and the event is free. We will provide food and music and lyrics--you provide the entertainment!

How to Think with Hamilton: Then and Now

In line with our 2017 On The Same Page topic, this Homecoming lecture will explore Alexander Hamilton himself.

Hamilton in the White House

Alexander Hamilton himself never occupied the White House, but the premise of this panel is that Hamilton the musical has been symbolically in and of the White House since Lin-Manuel Miranda and cast members performed an early draft of the title song there in 2012.

Hamilton, in Maps

This is a "Maps and More" event, with guest curator Nicole Viglini. 

Maps and More is a monthly collections show-and-tell at the Earth Sciences and Map Library, 50 McCone Hall.

Who Owns the Founding? Race, Gender and Immigration in Hamilton

One aim of Hamilton is to tell the story of the Founding in a way that allows today's highly diverse, multi-racial and multi-ethnic American society to see themselves in the narrative.

Keynote Lecture: Hamilton, Hope and Change

Jeremy McCarter has known Lin-Manuel Miranda since Miranda’s groundbreaking, white-hot musical Hamilton was in its earliest stages.

100 Years Later: The Lynching of (Grandpa) Anthony Crawford--Has Racial Difference Ended or Simply Evolved?

Anthony Crawford was lynched in Abbeville, South Carolina in 1916 because of an altercation over the price of cottonseed. After his death, his family was banished from town and their property illegally confiscated.

Narrating Justice

Part of what makes Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy remarkable is the quality of its writing. Rather than simply documenting evidence, Stevenson rather weaves the details of his story into a compelling, disturbing, and often beautiful narrative.